Dead Legacy x Dave Merrell: John Lennon, Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss

By February 25, 2013Fashion News

Dead Legacy have been producing unique t-shirts and sweats since 2009. Inspired by music, art and cinema, their designs eschew trends and fashion, an approach which has enabled them to successfully build a following of loyal devotees. This month sees the brand launch a set of three graphic print t-shirts in collaboration with Manchester based artist, illustrator and graphic designer Dave Merrell. The tees feature drawn images of three iconic British talents – John Lennon, Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss. Merrell depicts his subjects in a style reminiscent of Cubist art, with each image being broken down into multifaceted areas of shading, thereby reducing these giants of popular culture to simple geometric forms.
Amy WInehouse
Kate Moss
John Lennon

The Dead Legacy x Dave Merrell collection is now available exclusively from

Words by Peter Brathwaite

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