Brand Watch: Serge DeNimes by Oliver Proudlock

By February 28, 2013Fashion News

Serge DeNimes is a contemporary menswear brand that combines art and photography with fashion in a way that is pleasing for the modern man. Founded by Made in Chelsea star, Oliver Proudlock, the brand is growing from strength to strength and Serge DeNimes is starting to be known in it’s own entirety. With a dream to start his own fashion label and a background in art, Ollie started to experiment with t-shirt design and thus Serge DeNimes was born.

 Serge DeNimes itself takes it’s name from the origin of denim, which will feature in future collections for the brand. In an industry with an abundance of t-shirt designers Serge DeNimes had to create designs that stand out amongst the rest. Using photography that Lena Proudlock (Ollie’s mum) shot in Rio de Janeiro in the seventies on his t-shirt designs he has done more than just stand out.

“Rio was a revelation of optimism – beaches packed with suntanned bodies, crowds dancing the samba on street tabletops, the city alive to its nerve ends with a feeling of elation and anticipation.” Lena Proudlock, 2011.


This floral print t-shirt is sure to make you stand out this Spring/Summer. The simple design is brought to life with the vivid floral pattern and vibrant colours.


A striking t-shirt that uses imagery from Rio de Janeiro, 1978. Each tee is individually dyed making every one a unique piece.


Another design from the Rio de Janeiro collection, using bright colours and a vintage feel, this tee is perfect for your summer wardrobe. Styled with some skinny jeans in the spring and some denim shorts in the summer, this t-shirt is extremely versatile.


This necklace might be a bit pricey but with sterling silver and featuring the Serge DeNimes logo, this will definitely be an accessory staple.

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Words by Katie Handy-Beith

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