Spring Trends: Tie Dye, Floral and Paisley Prints

Spring has sprung! Ok, while this is not strictly true as we are still in the grip of what must be the slowest winter ever. However, the shops have taken no notice of the fact we are still suffering in freezing temperatures and have started stocking their spring/summer collections. So what can we look forward to buying when it eventually (hopefully) heats up?

Tie Dye


Yes, tie dye is back. Popular on the version of the 60s era that they show on TV, it came back in the nineties and it has arrived back on the shelves for 2013. Also back in is dip dye. Both are being used heavily in conjunction with graphic tees. But look out for more interesting uses of tie and dip dye, including jackets (above from Urban Outfitters) and shorts. Alternatively, you could just attempt to do it yourself…

Floral Prints


Spring means flowers are in bloom, and so floral prints have crept back onto our clothing. A trend that always seems to be around in some form, florals are now more popular than ever, featuring on t-shirts jumpers, and even denim jackets (above from ASOS). Floral prints are easy to wear, and a good way to break up an outfit, especially when wearing block colours. And it’s a great way to show girls your sensitive side (disclaimer: this is a joke).

Paisley Prints


Want to wear a print, but scared to walk around your area with flowers on your chest? Another option is to embrace the paisley print. Of Iranian origin, the paisley print has been around for centuries. Often seen on t-shirts and shirts, the print is usually liberally used on clothing, so it’s best to wear the print as a statement piece, rather than mixing it up with other patterns and prints. (Above from Topman.)

So that’s Spring 2013. Now let’s all pray for warm weather.

Words by @MasterNath

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