2013 Trend Watch: Bandana Print Inspired by Tupac, Snoop Dogg

Bandanas were first seen on androgynous women in the 60s fighting for equal right. Fast forward to the 80s bandanas became a cultural lifestyle amongst young men. Tupac, Snoop Dog, and even the beautiful Aaliyah just to name a few, this followed this trend by putting their own individual twist.


Tupac was always seen wearing his bandana and mostly wore it backwards on his head, whereas Snoop Dogg tied it in a knot around his neck. The thug street look is now creeping its way back in fashion in a way that hasn’t been repeated any wear else! With the sports luxe trend at its peak this spring, diverting from this would represent an old school style with edge.

(Photo by Cameron Mccool)

(Photo by Cameron Mccool)

(Photo by Cameron Mccool)

Traditionally it was worn as a head band, brands have now incorporated the bandana print and started using the pattern in t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, shorts and many more.

A style trend that was seen during London Fashion Week was a skirt version of the bandana, which was tucked in at the front and back. The trend was influenced by Kanye West who wore a Givenchy skirt at the Watch the Throne concert in December 2012.


first pic of bandana drop


The American designer called Rik Villas is supporting the trend all over his designs, incorporating the print with an exclusive twist.



Also, Rhude is another authentic brand which uses has an all over bandana print tee worn by the cool ethnic soul Kendrick Lamar and Tyga.




The main Hip-Hop artist known for wearing a bandana since the beginning till today is Snoop Dogg, who now is known as Snoop Lion. Recently he covered VICE Magazine fashion issue representing his old school culture, the blue bandana print.

(Photo by Terry Richardson)

The bandana print is sure to mark its spot in 2013, and Snoop Lion is backing up his fashion roots.

Words by Yvonne Jay
Edited by Johnson Gold

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  • I have two very rare bandana jumpsuits. One is Navy Blue with Denim owned by Snoop Dogg and the other is Black Denim owned by Tupac. They were both made by Perry White and given to me by another famous rap star. They were manufactured for the music video “Gangster’s Paradise.” (have a clue yet?)

    Anyway, I am entertaining offers in the region of $8000-$10,000 for both. They are extremely rare and highly collectible. Contact me for details and pictures if interested. I’m at [email protected].

    Here is an email I received from VICE magazine as they consulted me for their Fashion Edition 2013 and were able to verify authenticity.



    I’m writing from VICE Magazine. We are running an interview with Snoop Dogg for our 2013 Fashion Issue. He mentioned the blue bandana suit or “Crip Suit” that Perry White made for him, but I am having trouble finding more information about Perry White or the suit itself.

    You commented on a blog last year that you were selling two bandana suits. I wonder if you could pass along some information to me.

    How did you end up with two Crip Suits? Can you tell me anything about Perry White or how to contact him?

    I have CC’d my VICE editor, Harry Cheadle, on this email. Feel free to respond to either of us.


    River Donaghey

  • devaunwilliams says:

    bandanas are still in style till this day

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