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As a designer and consumer of menswear t-shirts Robin Tabari spotted a gap in the market for a range of t-shirts that had meaning and expression. ” I felt there were a number of commercial t-shirts for men that expressed a major city such as LA, California, London, Paris, or Tokyo, or with a variety of glamour models. I felt that these designs had lost its meaning of wearing art.” Launching later this month, Robin Tabari has been working hard on his Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

 A lot of brands start out with t-shirt designs, what do you do to make sure you stand out?
Everyone is always after something different and new, but sometimes we forget the beauty of the past. I wanted my Summer Collection to share experiences of travel, fun times, happiness, moments that make us remember a certain day or event, and that’s what I feel the Spring/Summer collection is all about.

 Your Spring/Summer 2013 designs appear to be about summer and love, what inspired you?
Every design from the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection has been inspired by my own personal travels, and experiences. Driving along the roads of Bali, moments of seeing true beauty along the coasts of Australia, and a whole number of reasons for living. These all in some way or form relate to love. These memories mould us to who we are today and who we choose to be in the future.

Apart from preparing for your launch, what are you up to at the moment?
I’m not sure if I honestly have any time for anything else. We are all human, so eating and sleeping is definitely an essential. Actually I shall let you on a little secret that I’m in fact, currently working on the Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection, with a theme of Feathers and Fur.
You definitely have an eye for whats graphically pleasing, would you ever consider womenswear?
You will have to wait and see this coming Autumn…

Who are you targeting the Robin Tabari brand towards?
My designs are for those who love something that carries a story, a tee that you could chat about memories, stories, adventures and quality times. Our range comes in sizes from S to XL and they do say age is only a number, a memory will always last.


What is your price range like?
For this Spring/Summer 2013 Collection our price ranges from £28 – £42. As we aim to bring quality, tailored tee’s that are made and printed in Britain. #SupportBritish

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Keep an eye on for the launch on the 25th of March.

Interviewed by Katie Handy-Beith

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