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By April 30, 2013Fashion News

WillyCartier x Grazia mag 

Willy Cartier in Grazia Magazine

Whether you’re reasonably aware of him or finding this is the first time acknowledging him, the young French male model by the name Willy Cartier, has fortunately flourished greatly in a short time frame working with agencies in New York, Milan, Paris, London, Barcelona and Berlin. What’s less fortunate is the lack of detailed profile to the face and name as like countless celebrities will have by now. Recognized on runway around fashion hot spots, Willy is appointed and plastered as the ‘It Boy’  for ad campaigns with Givenchy, Big Star, Evian, En Noir and United Colours of Benetton. Leading through magazines such as Indie, I.D, Carbon Copy and FHM Collections not forgetting the dozens of fashion, style, model and fan blogs praising him and his amazing looks .

WillyCartier x Givenchy

Givenchy F/W Season 2010 Ad campaign.

Willy Carter x Big-Star-Spring-Summer-2012-01

Big Star S/S Season 2010 Ad campaign

Thanks to his mixture of French, Vietnamese and Senegalese heritage, there’s no doubt his appearance is portrait unique. Being soft, aggressive, handsome, beautiful and cultured all at the same damn time. He is also well credited to be flawless on the gender bending ability of “Androgynous modelling”.  Androgynous Modelling has become an increasingly accepted, means for modelling, photography and fashion to have the margin lines of masculine and feminine territories merge and evolve; having our boyish female models perform the standard of males and our male models with delicate feminine attributes perform to the standards of women.

willy-cartier x oyster magazine

Willy Cartier role playing for Oyster Magazine shoot.

In terms of Willy’s model attire, he seems most natural showcasing comfortable if not relaxed garments, not necessarily in the neatest of forms but almost slouched and loosely assembled. Given he has long locks of hair; he naturally uses it as an advantage point to almost alter viewers perspective to the outfit/ item of clothing.


Willy Carter34

WillyCartier 3

What’s most favoured of his attire is his great use of accessories. From short/ wide brim hats, scarfs, wrist bands, necklaces and several gold silver finger rings, these little details make the greater difference.

Willy Carter 149

willycartier x wad mag interviewWAD Magazine Interview

 WillyCartier 56
Backstage NYFW at Hood by Air

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