The PAUSE Guide to Smart-Casual: Finding the Right Blazer

So. You have bought new shoes, picked the right shirt, and found trousers that fit. You what to wear a blazer, but you have come unstuck. How does one find a blazer that fits properly and looks good?


Suit blazers
Governments may not be able to decide how to rectify the global recession, but it is universal law that your suit blazer cannot be your Smart-Casual blazer. This is because your suit comes as a pair. The shape and cut of your suit blazer differs from a stand alone blazer. Also, if you wear your suit blazer out often, the colour will begin to change, and your suit will be two different shades. This is not a good look.


Make sure your blazer fits properly. Too loose, it looks like you’re turning up for your day in court wearing your dad’s clothing. Too tight, movement will be restricted, and the material will strain, which looks odd. A blazer should fit comfortably, with not too much space in the body. The arms should be about wrist length. If you are an odd size, it pays well to get the blazer altered to fit you properly.


A good blazer should last you a while, so it’s an excuse to invest in a statement piece. Herringbone and Tweed have had a resurgence, as men strive to emulate the English gentleman look. Velvet blazers work particularly well for evening events.


The highstreet is full of blazers, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and materials.

Happy shopping.

Words: @MasterNat

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