VOTE: Puma Disc Blaze Lite VS Nike Air Huaraches

Puma Disc Blaze Lite VS Nike Air Huaraches

Everyday fashion trends fade, but in 5 or 10 years time it becomes the flashback spotlight in fashion. Sneakers from our childhood are slowly creeping back into fashion this year; so if you want to stay on trend don’t throw away your old sneakers, you never know what you’re missing. This year we’ve seen the Nike Air Huaraches creep back and now the PUMA Disc series have released another futuristic pair in the popular monochrome.


These sneakers are somewhat, similar. They are both made for running and have a similar shape design – but which one is your favourite?



The Nike Air Huaraches are ultimately comfortable, fresh and has a sporty colourway on each design. Whereas the PUMA Disc Blaze Lite looks on-trend with this seasons popular monochrome, it’s bold, strong and has the ability to tie itself by twisting the Disc on the front.


Do you think these new PUMA Disc Blaze lite will out-do the Nike Air Huaraches?

Let us know your thoughts by voting below and also leave a comment with your thoughts.

Which sneaker do you like best?

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Words by Johnson Gold

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