55DSL Spring/Summer 2013, Modernising A Classic

By May 7, 2013Fashion News

You would be lying to yourself if you can say you haven’t flicked through old holiday snaps and caught your dad in a brightly coloured, floral Hawaiian shirt. Hawaiian Shirts are set to be a big hit this summer, especially with vintage fashion exploding onto the fashion scene. But if this bold shirt isn’t your calling, 55DSL have just the thing for you. Modernising a classic, 55DSL has turned this classic floral print on its head and given it a modern wash.

Image 1 55DSL2
Image 2 55DSL1
With Hawaiian palm trees casting a silhouette over a tie dye esque sunset and a surfer catching some waves, these prints captures all things fun, young and Hawaiian. Coming in a varsity jacket, snap back, swim shorts, shirt and tees they are perfect for an everyday summer look!

The collection plays on bold colouring with ombré finishes, giving that fresh summer feel that we all crave during our holidays!

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Words by Angelo Mitakos

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