Smoking With Style: Snoop Dogg x HUF 4/20 Collection

By May 11, 2013Fashion News

To hear that Snoop Dogg has collaborated with another brand like HUF, is something new to us. But also interesting – It’s simple and wearable for every guy.

This collection reflects the character of Snoop Dogg – the cool, relaxed and thuggish rapper. Collaborating with a brand like HUF is a perfect fit for Snoop Dogg as it signifies logos that reflect on his lifestyle. The popular “Plantlife” logo is a great use of incorporating into the collection as it represents Snoop Dogg’s love for weed.

The collection features an early album artwork of Snoop Dogg and graphical illustrations – this collection is simple and for that type of guy that not only supports Snoop Dogg, but likes to smoke with style.





Plantlife_black_2 Plantlife_navy_2 Plantlife_purple_1

The collection is available to buy here.

Words by Johnson Gold

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