What to Wear – The Wedding Season: Be Experimental

The problem with the UK is its changeable weather. This leads to people booking their weddings in a short space of time. Unfortunately for you, the guest, this may mean attending a lot of weddings in a short space of time. One way to combat the monotony of wearing suit after suit is to experiment with what you wear.

Add a dash of colour
If you are bored with the classic black suit, why not upstage the groom and splash out on a brightly coloured suit? This season, black suddenly seems boring. The high street is abundant with suits in teal, burgundy, and even red. Try out different colours to see what looks the best on you, keeping in mind your hair and skin colour. Don’t over complicate things with the shirt and tie, keep them simple and neutral. Opt for a contrasting coloured pocket square.


Get your legs out
If you are hopping on a plane and heading to warmer shores for a wedding, ditch the traditional suit. No one wants to get sand in their brogues, or spend the day feeling uncomfortable. Swap the suit for a suit with shorts. Pair these with a pair of boat shoes or loafers. If you are feeling really brave, wear a pair of gladiator sandals (but maybe make sure your feet look the part first).

Start a Pattern
Make an entrance with another trend that has taken over – the patterned suit. This is the trickiest look to pull off. Make things as uncomplicated as possible and ditch the tie. Stick with a plain white pocket sqaure. Let the suit do the talking.


Remember, some of the best inventions have come from experimenting. Make sure you change-up your wedding look and be the star of the show (sorry Bride and Groom).

Words by Nathan Agyekum

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