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By June 19, 2013Fashion News

Silk, Cashmere, Leather, it’s safe to say that the Burberry Prorsum for SS14 does not disappoint! It’s been a long wait for this collection, but now it’s finally arrived and we at PAUSE are impressed, Christopher Bailey who is the chief creative officer of the collection has exceeded expectations once again.

The SS14 collection gives way to tender blue hues with the occasional bold kick of colour, subtly matched with different fabrics for the ultimate comfort and stylish creation.

It all starts off with the oversize Chesterfield, lightweight and comfortable this coat is a classic but with a modern twist, and with its soft double-knit cashmere design it is bound to impress. This isn’t the only item to feature cashmere with a number of other jackets also favouring the material this is not only easy on the eye, but also on the skin.

Burberry Cashmere Chesterfield

Cashmere Jacket

The Cabans are made with luxury raw silk and with the zigzag stitching and cuff a reference to heritage outerwear. Much like the cashmere items in the collection, the silk items are soft and comfortable.

silk caban

Silk cropped caban

Throughout the line Burberry show off new floral and polka dot designs on over-shirts and sunglasses, with the latter being made by hand with bold brow detail and a translucent quality.

floral shirt

Also a number of Duffle Pouches in bold, bright colours are added to outfits to really make them stand out. These come in a number of sizes and are all leather with a simple draw cord design.



Silk Jacket

Christopher Bailey has certainly outdone himself for this collection, making sure Burberry is at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts for SS14, and can only make us wonder what other marvellous creations he has in store for us in the future!

Watch Burberry Prorsum SS14

Words by Ella Webster

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