The Simpsons x Chuck Taylor All Star


When two classics collaborate, it’s bound to produce something special. Just the mere mention of the partnership of Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers with televisions longest running animated sitcom, The Simpsons, sends us at PAUSE into a frenzy.

The pioneering entertainment sitcom has always received bountiful praise and in its production of its 25th season, this collection of kids and adult custom graphics shoes is its first ever footwear collaboration. The shows dysfunctional family members Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson are featured in full vibrant colour-ways with the same sense of humour we know and love. The Homer Simpson All Star caters to men and features Homer over a black and blue background on the upper construction with his catchphrase ‘DOH!’. Also featured is his equally as well known line ‘Woo Hoo’ written in the Simpsons font on each side of the shoes white sole.

The Bart Simpson All Star features Bart as we first see him in the shows introduction sequence, in his orange t- shirt writing lines during after school detention. These lines are always something witty and in this case he simply writes ‘I will not waste chalk’ on a black (chalkboard like) upper construction.

This continues with the remaining characters, highlighting key Simpson characteristics; Marge Simpson’s tall blue hair and daughters Lisa and Maggie Simpson’s spiked hair. How could you not love them!

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Words by Abisola

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