What to Wear – The Wedding Season: Update Your Wedding Suit

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You’ve taken a look at your calendar, both cursing your own popularity and your friends for all deciding to get married in the same year. You have no money/no inclination (delete as appropriate) for a new suit. Your staple black or blue suit still looks good, and still fits. However, you don’t want to be that guy that is wearing the same thing in all the wedding photos. So what do you do?

The secret, my friend, is in the small details. PAUSE will help you refresh that suit.

Change your shirt
The white shirt may be a staple, but shirts do come in an array of other colours and styles. One way to change your suit is to change your shirt. Experimenting with different coloured shirts can be tricky so make sure you pick complimentary colours. An easy way to use a coloured shirt is to match the colour of your tie to your suit. E.g. if your suit is blue, your tie should be blue, and your shirt should be another colour.


Change your tie
If you are low on money, ties are a relatively inexpensive way of mixing things up. The high street has ties in every colour, but don’t stay away from ties that have patterns on them.


Don’t neglect the accessories
Another way to update your wedding suit is to add on accessories. Tie clips, pocket squares, button hole pins, braces, and collar bars are all ways to keep that suit looking fresh. Be careful not to overdo it on the accessories, don’t wear braces if your tie is eye catching, don’t wear a button hole pin unless your pocket square is a plain white one. And never match your pockets square to your tie.

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Now you know how navigate the wedding season without breaking the bank, you’ll now have more money to spend on wedding presents. No pressure…

Words by Nathan Agyekum

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