ROOK Brand Summer ’13 Van Style Lookbook

By July 2, 2013Fashion News

Swimming with Sharks strap back hat - shark silhouette on denim with a cream corduroy bill.

UK temperatures are finally daring to reach highs of 28 to 32 degrees and as eager as we are to enjoy it, we’re not entirely used to it. We are now  welcoming to vast examples of high heat weather styles and trends. And so its with pleasure we introduce ROOK Brand; teaming up with visual artist Van Styles for their Summer’13 Van Style Lookbook.

For some, the artistry of the designs may appear familiar with graphic work used for a few other skate, surf and urban street apparel. This could have something to do with Jonathan Garcia and Joe King, the two designers of ROOK that have their fair share of artwork in heavy rotation within this genre of style.

Great White - shark pattern on dark denim and black side panels. Day Tripper 5 panel with Hawaiian pattern and blue side panels.

The two designers grew up together and shared a connection through the elements of graphic design and illustration to form a brand defined by its creativity and provoking images. The idea is that ROOK has a strong brand identity and brings artistry out from behind the scenes to the forefront.

The collection features three top summer essentials; tank tops, t-shirts and hats and there is an authentic vibe of California’s skater/city scene that inspires that skate fast, live free attitude. Don’t be fooled by the female models either as the collections is clearly unisex. For the star picks of all the pieces, it would have to be narrowed down to both the Wipe Out Tank, that loosely fits with the infamous tie dye effect to bring flash of youth and colour and the Swimming with Sharks strap back hat, which features all over prints of the Hammer-Head Shark in addition to a light shade of denim and a creamy off white beak in corduroy. The pieces are not high-fashion but you can trust them to generate a decent amount of compliments when worn.

the Wipe Out tank Swimming with Sharks - shark silhouettes on denim with cream corduroy Lunch Date Tee available in tank also Between the Lines tank Outside In 5 panel hat with leopard side panels

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