Street Style Special: PAUSE Pop-up Store Launch Party

As the PAUSE Pop-up Store Launch Party began we just couldn’t help but snap some of the stylish bloggers, stylists, press, designers etc that came down to help celebrate the opening.

Here are some of the guys that we PAUSED:


Talha, Co Owner of Velsvoir

Blazer – Topman

Bow Tie – Velsvoir

_MG_2529 _MG_2531

Kyle Lo Monaco, Stylist & Designer

Outfit – Kyle Lo Monaco

_MG_2548 _MG_2551 _MG_2554

Marvin, Works at Fashion Glossary

Top – Versace

Trousers – Komakino

_MG_2593 _MG_2597 _MG_2604 _MG_2605


Joel, Works at Utter Couture

Top – Dope Chef

_MG_2617 _MG_2619


Toni, Fashion Blogger

Shoes – Next

Bag – Qulit A/W

_MG_2631 _MG_2636



Kareem (right), Designer – Harry (left), Model

Jumpers – Kareem Jones




Adrian, Owner of Hurbert and Calvin

_MG_2668 _MG_2669


_MG_2582 _MG_2584


Photography by Rianna Tamara

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