Vans OTW x Hyperstealth Camo – Fall 2013

By July 19, 2013Fashion News


When it comes to collaborations, Vans have established a long portfolio of exciting and unique hook-ups, successfully incorporating the latest and coolest brands on the street. Their classic sneaker profiles provide a clear canvas for the brand to almost ‘ID’ their own products. The latest collaboration comes from a more low-key yet highly credible brand, Hyperstealth. Originally founded in 1999, the Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. has ascended itself to a globally leading brand in military and camouflage clothing. Predominately using its impressive 10,000 plus assortment of patterns for worldwide law and enforcement agencies, Vans welcomes a surprising yet appropriate collaboration this July.

Vans-OTW-Lennox-Shirt-Hyperstealth-Camo-Fall-2013-01-570x610 Vans-OTW-Tee-Hyperstealth-Camo-Fall-2013-01-570x583 Vans-OTW-Ludlow-Hyperstealth-Brown-Black-Fall-2013-02 Vans-OTW-Lynwood-Hyperstealth-Brown-Black-Fall-2013-01

The ensemble features a variety of sneaker, apparel and accessories, featuring Hyperstealth’s characteristic camouflage imprint. Standout pieces include the Vans OTW Ludlow sneakers, a classic mid-cut skateboard shoe available in a trendy blue camo. The Vans Lynwood also emerges as another collaboration favourite, a high-top option embodying the classic Black/Brown camo along its mid section atop a crisp white rubber sole.

Vans-OTW-5-Panel-Camper-Cap-Hyperstealth-Camo-Fall-2013-0 Vans-OTW-Donner-Wallet-Hyperstealth-Camo-Fall-2013-01 Vans-OTW-Belt-Hyperstealth-Camo-Fall-2013-01

Selected pieces are now available online, while the entire collection will be available later this month at limited Vans OTW retailers.

Words by James Monteith

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