BBC Black x BBC Bee Line Fall Winter lookbooks

By August 28, 2013Fashion News

The duo of award-winning rap artist/songwriter/producer in addition to being Billionaire Boys Club/ Ice Cream brand designer, Pharrell Williams and American fashion designer Mark McNairy have put strong forces together yet again for their most recent works designed for the BBC Black and BBC Bee Line lookbook for this year’s Fall/Winter collection.

The look book for the BBC Black collection by no surprise partially comes off the influence of military uniform (combat apparel) yet hits upon the ideology of high fashion in iconic tastes of all black silhouettes, in addition with its sportswear. The bold pieces resonate something unapologetic about them with styling of youth intention and the ever present street/urban wear with the likes black leathers and fleece materials, snapbacks, baseball tees, varsity/ bomber jackets, balaclava’s and the advantage of long length shirts, the thick winter Parka jacket and Timberland boots. BBC Black is truly an impressive all black collection this year.

bbc-black-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-1 bbc-black-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-5 bbc-black-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-4 bbc-black-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-2

Outfits fitted together in the forthcoming BBC Bee Line collection makes every effort in complete opposition compared to BBC Black; featuring an array of various through denim, camouflage, contemporary colours, woolen plaid, check patterns and classic tweed. The content climbs from strength to strength of core pieces in addition to cool combination of garments matched together ever so well. Together Williams and McNairy have made known if not previously then most certainly now that they collaborate on the boundaries of remarkable and beyond.  For even more from the duo keep a keen mind to preview the Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club 2014 Spring/Summer collection also.

bee-line-billionaire-boys-club-bbc-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-03 bee-line-billionaire-boys-club-bbc-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-11 bee-line-billionaire-boys-club-bbc-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-09 bee-line-billionaire-boys-club-bbc-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-04
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