Blogger Interview: PAUSE Meets Anything & Everything LA

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This month PAUSE meets the menswear blogger Blake Scott, who partly owns Anything & Everything LA with his girlfriend Ash Tianah. We find out about how to maintains his simplistic style, thoughts on social media blogging and his lifestyle influences of today.

Define your style?

Simple and smart. I strive to dress with uncomplicated looks, each time focusing on one piece (mainly shoes) and making it the highlight of my look.

How has blogging influenced your outlook on style?
Blogging has influenced my style tremendously. No Days Off!! Blogging started as a way to highlight my best outfits, and quickly escalated to highlighting all of my outfits.  Whether i’m attending a formal dinner, or visiting my favorite coffee shop, I’m always dressed for a shoot.

Tell us about ‘Anything and Everything LA’; what sets it apart from other blogs?
AELA is a personal style blog. That saying, it’s a hub where Men & Women can find inspiration on what to wear, or how to pair a particular piece.  Being from LA, I sought to spotlight all the great things related to LA.  Coffee shops and cafes are where my inspiration [comes from], and I want the world to know about these fantastic places.  Therefore, you’re not only gaining styling tips, but also knowledge on a great areas to visit in LA!

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Who do you consider to be most influential person?
My most influential person is my blog partner Ashley Tianah.  She pushes me like no other, and is always striving to get the best out of me, and my looks. If my pictures are not reflective of my personal aesthetic, she’s the first to let me know.  She’s my business partner, photographer, and girlfriend all in one!

When shopping for suits what’s the first thing you look out for?
Stitching!  Reason being, is due to the detail and quality of the suit.  Stitching around the Lapels of a suit can give it extra oomph.  Not only does stitching provide a distinguishable look, it also reinforces the material and provides more structure.  It’s the little things that count in Menswear, the little things that separate it from the rest.

How do you personalize your suits?
No matter which brand or style, alterations MUST be done on suits to make them unique, and adaptable to your lifestyle!  Ready to wear retail suits are great, but not all man are alike.  I always take them to my tailor, that way, I can customize the suit for my body, and taste.


Do you have any tips for using social media platforms to enhance a blogging career?
Always respond to comments, and by comments, I mean your followers! Make the extra effort to make your followers feel special. After all, without them, your blog would be nothing.

What’s your favourite coffee? And if your coffee was a designer, which designer would it be?
My favorite coffee’s are usually single origins from Africa.  I love the rich, citrusy body they’re usually comprised of G&B coffee in LA, does a fantastic job of delivering coffee at its finest!

If my coffee were a designer, it would be Michael Bastian.  Traditional in flavor, with a modern twist in aesthetic; Similar to his designs.  MB takes traditional looks, and adds his flavor to make them stand out amongst others.


Interviewed by Johnson Gold

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