Get Lost in the EASTPAK ‘Light Jungle Collection’

By October 14, 2013Fashion News

EASTPAK are at the forefront of backpacks, satchels and luggage. This season EASTPAK products are facing a new makeover, the Authentic Light Jungle, with photographic city prints. The use of prints from busy cities is very iconic and shows perfectly that the bags can be used for those weekend city getaways. The wide range makes it user-friendly for everyone, and you can pick a bag to suit the occasion.


As the collection stand out so much, they would be perfectly paired with a simple outfit of white t-shirt and jeans with casual shoes or sneakers, plus a jacket for warmth in these colder months.  This will put the focus on your new favourite accessory.

EK143_31F_HR EK620_30F_HR copy

eastpak EK724_31F_HRcopy-1

The collection is available on Asos.

Words by Mutay Samede

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