Alfonso Riberio: Style Recap of Carlton Banks


Currently televised to the mass of viewers as part of 2013’s line-up of ITV’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, American sitcom actor and game show host, Alfonso Riberio is most often known to most as Carlton Banks in the comedy series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. With the ongoing banter between both of their characters portrayed by Alfonso and Will Smith there has always been comparison of their sense of style. Carlton more likely won as the inferior uptight preppy rich boy with an established classic style rather than that of Will, being a complete opposite; vibrant retro street style of the 90s era.


fresh prince cast carton and wil

Stylishness of recent menswear however would perhaps reconsider cousin Carlton to be quite the leading role model to this higher class look. If you watched the show you witnessed the archive of Carlton Banks in his most favoured pieces of well pressed button down shirts tucked into his straight fitted chino’s, boat shoes, belts and Bermuda shorts or the many horizontal striped long sleeve shirts and golf jackets. In contrast to our ever popular attractions of geometric, Aztec, leathers and animal prints, Carlton showed his most flaring taste via the vast variety of ties/ bow ties, V neck slip overs and knitted cardigans either worn or as a signature accessorizing piece to have over on shoulders crossed at the sleeves resting on the chest as a posh opposite to his co-workers and the shenanigans they effortlessly fell into.  The grooming details kept up to that fine level of neatness and order also; him never having over grown rugged hair, smart trimmed facial hair, not too outspoken and brash with footwear for the outfit and taking on clothes that fit his 5’5 height rather than swallow him or squeeze on his physique.


Carlton-Banks       cricket_331179

To achieve his Fresh Prince look, check out the selected pieces we’ve put together below:

Words by Abisola

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