Drake: Worst Behavior Video – Get The Look

Not all of us were lucky enough to get a ticket to Drake’s UK tour next year but he recently dropped a video for us all to enjoy. The 10-minute short film for ‘Worst Behavior, ’ one of the strongest tracks from the ‘Nothing Was The Same’ album, stars the Toronto rapper’s old man and is set in Memphis. There are some notable style statements made in this visual, not the least of which is Drake’s friend getting dressed up in an owl suit that was made especially for this project. Unfortunately we can’t tell you where you can get your hands on one of those but we can help you find some of the pieces that Drake is sporting in the video.


One of the stand-out items is the red camouflage jacket that he is wearing right at the end and you will have noticed the matching pants earlier on. These on-trend pieces are by the New York City street wear brand Supreme and if you head over to their website you can get them now. Drake pulls off the red camo pants by keeping the rest of the outfit understated with a simple white T-Shirt that you can pick up from your nearest Topman and a pair of combat boots, a similar pair of which we found on the Palladium website.



Drake had a custom-made jersey on at the beginning with “Worst” printed on the white accents and a whole bunch of owl chains that he got into a lot of trouble for wearing, so the less said about them the better. The black outfit he wears as he walks down Beale Street towards the end is brought alive by the white Air Force Ones he wears which you can head over to Nike for. Don’t miss Drake’s dad sporting Versace at the beginning, it seems the love for designer labels runs in the family and there are some orange crocodile shoes on display that are just incredible! Whether it’s the music or the style, Drake always makes a statement and we can’t wait to see what he does, and wears, next!



Words by Maya Dal Kaur

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