Top 5 Outfits: British Style Award Winner – Harry Styles!

The hot ticket in town this week was without a doubt the British Fashion Awards with the likes of Kate Moss and countless other celebrities making an appearance in their best attire. Taking home the prestigious prize of Vodafone’s British Style Award was none other than man of the minute Harry Styles.

Styles confessed that he doesn’t see himself as a ‘fashion icon’ and that he simply ‘likes clothes’ but if you just look at Harry’s fashion history you can see why he’s a worthy winner. Below we have chosen our top 5 favourite Harry Styles looks, so get prepared for a lot of ripped jeans and loads and loads of Burberry.

5: Proving that all black isn’t just for Kanye West. Harry rocked a black sparkly shirt, unbuttoned of course, with a black blazer and dark black jeans, which he wore to the 2013 VMA’s alongside his band mates.



4: On the UK date of his premiere for the film ‘This Is Us’ Harry was seen supporting a love heart Burberry Prorsum shirt which kicked off a fashion trend in Hollywood with the likes of Victoria Beckham wearing the female version of the shirt shortly afterwards.  We love this look and adore the shirt, it would defiantly bring a bit of fun to your smart suit look.


  Maybe not his most famous outfit but Harry wore a pair of black sunglasses along with a red plaid button-up shirt, black jeans, and tan boots as he chatted with a crew member prior to his gig in Australia. This outfit just goes to show how a simple look can be effective but doesn’t need the designer price tag along with it.


2: Coming in at second was Styles in Ashley Williams hand print t-shirt at the fashion east’s show in London, where he sat front row with his pal Nick Grimshaw. A very unpredictable outfit, Harry almost seems to be channeling his inner Rihanna (who also wore a shirt and trouser version of the top). However, even though the top is a thumbs up from us we were defiantly displeased when we saw Harry pair the top with air max’s. I mean there’s nothing wrong with wearing Air Max’s but we thought a traditional boot would have looked a lot better, but still nothing can take away how sick this outfit is.



1: Without a shadow of a doubt the best Harry Styles look was his 2013 LFW Burberry Prorsum leopard print shirt. This has got to be one of the best Harry Styles looks to date. Harry rocks the £195 Burberry prorsum t-shirt with ripped jeans and smart shoes as well as giant winter coat.  It seems we are not the only ones that loves the t-shirt as it got auctioned off and sold for over 4 thousand pounds.

Burberry Prorsum - Front Row & Backstage: London Fashion Week SS14


6: Lastly, his outfit at the British Fashion Awards – do we need to say anymore? His style speaks for itself.


Overall Mr Styles defiantly lives up to his last name and if there’s two things we’ve learnt from Harry it’s:

1: Rip your best pair of jeans.

2: Ask for Burberry vouchers for Christmas.

3: Wear black.

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Words by Peter Jones

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