LCM: Huntergather AW14 Presentation

Huntergather provided neon pops of colour to brighten up a dreary London day at London Collections: Men this week. The Autumn/Winter ’14 presentation from the brand, entitled ‘Neon Noir,’ kicked off with The Clash’s ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go,’ setting the 80’s punk theme for the show.

The showcase was held at the Huntergather headquarters in Marylebone. Jackson Pollock style paint drips dominated the designs, as they were splattered across straight fit trousers and matching shirts. The heavy use of zips and safety pins took us back to 80’s punk , and this was emphasised with black and khaki brothel creepers.

Key pieces from the presentation include a neon yellow bomber jacket, which the brand claimed was inspired by Ryan Gosling in 2011 hit film ‘Drive.’ As well as this, PAUSE loved the chunky knitwear in khaki and stone tones, inspired by the streets of 80’s punk.

huntergather_AW14_look-02 huntergather_AW14_look-06 huntergather_AW14_look-05 huntergather_AW14_look-04 huntergather_AW14_look-03
huntergather_AW14_look-10 huntergather_AW14_look-14 huntergather_AW14_look-13 huntergather_AW14_look-12 huntergather_AW14_look-11
huntergather_AW14_look-15 huntergather_AW14_look-19 huntergather_AW14_look-18 huntergather_AW14_look-17 huntergather_AW14_look-16
huntergather_AW14_look-20 huntergather_AW14_look-23 huntergather_AW14_look-22

Words by Ernela Vukaj

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