LCM: JW Anderson AW14 Show

Continuing in his quest to rise above all others in the men’s shows each season. JW Anderson put on a striking show at this weeks LCM. With a focus on highlighting the grey areas around gender specific clothing, Anderson has produced another stunning collection bursting with prints, colour and linear driven designs.

Tailoring and an intelligent approach to cut and shape are prominent throughout the collection. With layering and structure also playing an important role in delivering the designers intended aesthetic.

General detailing is kept to a minimum with pleats and oversized buttons forming the basis, whilst a continued display of varying lengths also surfaces as a possible trend. In particular, trousers are cropped throughout which displays both the ongoing feminine quality as well as an adjustment to the overall shape.

With a staggeringly high understanding of both genders’ form and fashion. JW Anderson shows no sign of dropping in his quest to reach dizzying industry heights.

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Words by Matthew Ward

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