LCM: Katie Eary AW14 Show

Katie Eary returns with an invention of a ‘BIPOLAR’ collection showcasing a punky nightmare twisted fashion show. The collection saw an early Vivienne Westwood meets Jeremy Scott influence that translated onto the catwalk.

The collection was birthed by many influences. The patterns that run through out the parachute shirts and tailored frock coats are inspired by Irvine Welhs Novel Filth. Eary’s “violent leopard check” and titular “bi-polar” tell the story of a corrupt Edinburgh policeman who revels in addiction and abuse. With distorted faces portraying the lead character’s remorseless struggle with depravity and decency.

The colour palates we’re bright red leopard prints, sildenafil satin, rubber, and gold. She also introduced a Mickey Mouse heads on the styling which added a playful edge to punk.

Overall the collection was a progression of experimenting and presented high detail in clothing.

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Photos provided by Christopher Dadey

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