LCM: Backstage Oliver Spencer AW14 Show

PAUSE head photographer Benjamin Glean hung out backstage before the show at Oliver Spencer and took a range of exclusive photos. Models we’re prepped and dressed for the show, we managed to get photos of the preparation before the fashion showcase.

BENU9751 BENU9763 BENU9761 BENU9756
BENU9764 BENU9767 BENU9770 BENU9772 BENU9776
BENU9783 BENU9789 BENU9793 BENU9805 BENU9809
BENU9819 BENU9821 BENU9822 BENU9826 BENU9827
BENU9830 BENU9832 BENU9831 BENU9833
BENU9835 BENU9841 BENU9838 BENU9837
BENU9843 BENU9847 BENU9844

Photography by Benjamin Glean

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