LCM: Street Style Shots (Day 2 & 3)

Despite the rain at the start of Day 2 of LCM, that didn’t stop people from pulling together some great outfits. Again PAUSE was out trying to stop the most stylish individuals we could find. What we saw over the last two days of LCM was more bright colours, different patterns and interesting textures. There was still the super smart coloured suits and blazers along with a more casual and dressed down style.

Here is what we found:


Joshwa James

Suit – Topman Selected Homme

lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara30 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara31 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara32


Nas Abraham

Shoes – Oliver Sweeney

Blazer – Marjiela

lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara33 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara34 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara35


Karlmond Tang

Jumpsuit – James Long

lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara36 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara37 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara38



Coat & Shoes – Margiela

Bag – Hi Teck Alexander

lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara39 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara40




Clothing – Vinti Andrews

lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara42 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara43


Vanya Polunin

Jacket – WYA

lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara44 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara45 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara46


Omiri Thomas

Jacket – Ongara

lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara47 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara48


Lee Dales 

Shirt – Moschino

lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara49 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara50

Josh Tuckley

Jacket – Nike Vintage

lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara51 lcm-pause-mag-street-style-2014-rianna-tamara52

Photography by Rianna Tamara

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