MFW: Dsquared2 AW14 Show

A full cell block, grey concrete runway, and the sound of police sirens set the scene for Dsquared2’s show. The first model is dragged out by two nurses and led out onto the runway.


The sartorial collection was introduced by a blend of bright orange boiler suit, quilted bombers and all black, classically tailored suits. Denim was dominantly the primary fabric used this fall for Dsquared2. Wether it was distressed, patched, zipped or had exposed pockets. They absolutely ignored the double denim myth and proved us all wrong. The show continued with looks including a sleek leather suit coat, sweatshirts with “Penitentiary Cell Block No.24689” motifs and rust metallic trousers. The layering was indefectible.

Cropped ankle trousers and oversized silhouettes were prominent throughout. Each model/inmate had details such as a doctors bag, keys or chains. Inmates details included thick black rimmed glasses, leather restraining straps, laced doc marten-like boots, and chiseled cheeks.

The last look of the collection consisted of an all white straight jacket paired with matching shorts, socks and shoes look.

Our favourite here at PAUSE was the denim sweater and sweatpants combination. Sporty yet denim? Perfectly genius.


DSQ_0051.450x675 DSQ_0091.450x675 DSQ_0078.450x675 DSQ_0059.450x675
DSQ_0091.450x675 DSQ_0172.450x675 DSQ_0152.450x675

DSQ_0234.450x675 DSQ_0301.450x675 DSQ_0323.450x675 DSQ_0346.450x675
DSQ_0362.450x675 DSQ_0431.450x675 DSQ_0407.450x675 DSQ_0389.450x675
DSQ_0520.450x675 DSQ_0633.450x675 DSQ_0609.450x675 DSQ_0588.450x675

Words by Emma Williamson

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