Style File: Layering For Winter

Layering is a must when it comes to Winter. Layering is a way of adding new ways to a look, allowing you look stylish, but at the same time keep warm, which is important. Some people may find the whole thing quite suffocating and restricting, but forget how versatile layering can be, being able to  quickly add or remove pieces in sync with weather change.

The most common and easiest type of layering for the average guy, is with a shirt, jumper, jacket/coat. Very easy to put together, and you can really experiment with colours. Another key piece that is perfect for Winter are Timberland boots, fit to fight the worst weather conditions giving your feet a rest of mind!


1. Jacket – Zara
2. Jumper – Richard James
3. Jeans – Topman
4. Watch – ASOS
5. Boots –  Timberland
6. Shrirt – River Island
7. Scarf – River Island
8. Backpack – Eastpak

Words & Styling by Remi Afolabi

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