Cold Season: Final Winter Survival Guide

By February 11, 2014Street Style Shots

Winter may be close to an end, but during February winter seems to be at its coldest. Here is PAUSE’s guide on how to stay warm and importantly still retain looking stylish.

1. The Coat

The most important piece to any winter wardrobe is the coat. Unfortunately, England is not typically renown for its weather, so a big coat is essential. A definite trend is the long coat and with them being so practical for this type of weather, you should consider purchasing one.

Coat inspiration:




2. Hats

When the weather is getting you down and it looks miserable outside, it’s so much easier to wear a hat throughout winter. We’ve kept our hat game quite simple this season, opting for bright coloured beanies.

Hat inspiration:




3. Scarves

If you want to be ahead of the game when it comes to scarves than make sure you look into purchasing a big scarf with a loud print. There were loads of big scarves out on display at L:CM, especially at the Burberry AW14 show.

Scarves inspiration:




4. Footwear

February simply means cold and damp weather, so when you’re stepping outside make sure it is in a pair of shoes which will keep your feet warm and away from dampness. Mid-high leather boots/brogues will certainly do the trick, however if you’re looking for a more casual look, the Nike Sneakerboots collection are a wise choice.

Footwear inspiration:



PAUSE styling tip: Layering

When it is cold it’s the perfect time to start layering. A big baggy coat may not be for you, but that doesn’t mean you should suffer for it. Layering similar shades and textures or different patterns entirely can make for a very stylish, but warm look.

Layering inspiration:



Words: Jordan Bunker

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