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19 year-old singer Jordan Morris became a regular performer in open mics and underground performances around London and won the support of industry professionals such as the likes of Jamal Edwards of SBTV and producer Zay-D. Jordan went on to record music with UK recording artist ‘Faith SFX’. In May 2013, at just 18 years old, Jordan Morris signed a management contract with Jareiq ‘JQ’ Kabara, present and creative director at The LDN Agency who partnered with Sasha Farhadian, Music Producer and Business Executive, Azos L. Rashid to create the independent label ‘IQMG’, ultimately signing Jordan Morris as their flagship artist.

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How did you break into the industry and come to meet IQMG?

My manager, Jareiq Kabara, is a song writer as well with Bucks Music Group, and they were writing songs for Usher’s album at the time and they needed a singer and I got recommended cos [because] I was just a solo artist doing my thing, I was working in a hotel and doing open mics, working with other rappers, producers all over London but mostly around the north west. And yeah, when I got called in I was just meant to be a demo singer and at the end my manager was like “Woah man you’re great! Who pays for this? Who are you signed to?” and I was like “Nah I’m not signed” and he said “Man we gotta work.” So from that day which was ten months ago, that’s how long we’ve been with each other and back then I was only 18.

We were just working on some stuff and then Azos Rashid who is now the president of IQMG introduced me to music producer and his friend at the time, Sasha Farhadian and said “Yo listen to this kid” and he wanted to invest in a single originally with Daps [Dappy] and then he was like “No I wanna build a label!” So Jareiq, Sasha and Azos came together to build IQMG. Just energy, synergy, being at the right place at the right time got me here.

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How did your collaboration with Dappy come about?

Dappy was always the first option when it came to UK collabs [collaborations], since he’s a great rapper, he’s great with melodies, he can sing, he’s got number ones under his belt, he’s sold out arenas, he’s got like 800 thousand followers, it was just right. He has a great energy, he’s a legend in the UK and I was in LA recording and then Azos Roshid, the President, called me up like “Jordan I’ve got someone who wants to chat to you.” And It was Dappy and he was like “Yo, I love your voice, I love the song” cos we already had the single there we were just waiting for a feature so when they got Dappy they kind of did it as a surprise, they hollered him and he was like “Jordan Morris featuring Dappy let’s get it!”

You mentioned your Christian Dior bomber jacket (black with shiny plastic appliqués all over) earlier on stage; you obviously take pride in your style. If you could give out your 3 top style tips to the public what would they be?

Don’t be scared of different colours. A lot of the time I used to dress in all black, or black and white or black and red, so just two colours, but it’s crazy how different colours can complement each other. So yeah colours definitely.

And jewellery, don’t shy away from it, I got 3 ear piercings, my ring on, three chains on right now. Not too much bling though, just enough.

I like shine – I got shine on my hair, shine definitely.

Has what you wear now been affected by your success in the music industry?

Yeah I guess so cos Jordan Morris is a package now, it is a brand to dress up literally, like if you had a shop you would decorate it, that’s like what it is for me. Before I wouldn’t mind going to the shops in my tracksuit, it was just whatever I felt comfortable in but yeah I take more pride in my appearance now.

What brands and designers inspire you?

I don’t stay loyal to a particular brand I will wear anything that looks cool, I go to little boutique stores sometimes, it’s just about how the mind works cos I think fashion is an art, and I’ve only thought that recently since I’ve been shown that both music and fashion are similar in that arty sense, so yeah man anything dope and inventive.

Any tips for young talents trying to make it as a singer in the music industry?

The three d’s I always say: discipline, drive and determination. Focus man, as soon as you know what you want and you feel that’s right for you and it makes you happy, align your focus, tunnel vision, no one can tell you nothing. Make it your life.

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What can we expect from you in the oncoming year?

I’m gonna be making noise man, lots of songs, trying to make soundtracks for films, a lot of live performances. I’m here for a cause as well I wanna change the world in a positive manner.

Jordan’s new single ‘Take Your Side Ft. Dappy’ is set to be released on March 10th 2014.

Interview: Charlotte Brown

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