NYFW: Hood By Air AW14 Show

Experimental? of course. Provocative? expect nothing less. Original? only the best. HOOD BY AIR are taking over the run way and creating a whole new level of style


HOOD BY AIR’S new collection is everything we at PAUSE expected.

With a hip-hop inspiration, directly from the 90’s, and its continuous playing with sexual ambiguity, HOOD BY AIR has presented an amazing, outrageous collection.

Trousers are embellished with zips or velcro so they can be transformed into a shorts or simply stylish and open.

But HOOD BY AIR is not only about clothes, it’s about all the scene around them.

Models that look as women dressed as men, tattooed men dressed in a very famale way with fishnet stockings and long hair wigs. There is no question about it that HOOD BY AIR use the runway to create a statement and challenge the roles of gender.

It’s a futuristic collection and for us at PAUSE we couldn’t be more fascinated by this. For us we especially love the coats; they actually are a perfect mash-up of old and new, male and female, biker and rapper style all in one.

Words By: Beatrice Gerardi


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