Marty Mcfly’s Power Laces arriving from Nike in 2015

By February 18, 2014Sneakers

If you’re a keen sneakerhead you will for sure remember the 2011 release of the Back to the Future MAGs. If you happen to of forgotten, 1, 500 pairs were released straight onto eBay with all the proceeds heading over to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research. Which fetched just under $6million averaging at $4, 000 per pair!


Nike designer Tinker Hatfield has officially announced we are going to be able to get our hands on these self-lacing sneakers in 2015. Which is great timing considering the Nike MAGs first appeared in Back to the Future II in yes, you guessed it. 2015. Which unlike the 2011 release, will actually have functioning Power Laces.

Who has time to tie their own shoelaces these days right?

Keep your eyes and ears open to find out the exact release date.

Words: Emma Williamson

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