NYFW: Jeremy Scotts AW14 Show

If you think back to high school, you’ll recall the vast array of cliques. Goths, geeks, dweebs, dorks, tarts, seen-kids…and, of course, jocks; the alleged paragons of virility. You either find them completely loathsome or utterly bodacious – not unlike Jeremy Scott’s Fall/Winter collection for 2014.


Aside from a thoroughly bold collaboration with Madballs, the collection predominantly draws influence from American sportswear. But if you’re imagining large jerseys complimented by low crotched denims, you’re not getting the correct picture – Jeremy Scott has turned sportswear on its head.

“Well fitted or well knitted” seems to be the catch phrase for anything involving a torso, whilst tight, shiny american football style pants are convention in this collection.

The jersey-sweater hybrids are surprisingly fresh and offer a welcome approach to sport-influenced fashion with their big, typical-varisty-font, American football numbers and double stripes on each arm.

Most items, despite potentially stressing the iris, are vibrant, intrepid, and nothing we wouldn’t expect from Jeremy Scott.  However, as we’re all still getting over Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, flesh-coloured latex carries negative connotations and might be a little harder to accept.

Glossy sneakers from the designer’s collaboration with adidas are also heavily featured.

With the arrival of this collection, maybe the stigma, or indeed the honour, accredited to jocks will change. Probably not though.


Words: Jared Fortune

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