The Rise of The Extended-Length Tee – Go Long or Go Home

By February 23, 2014Culture, Fashion News

There will always be things we take for granted in this life; those cozy mornings in bed on a Saturday, the FREE Wi-Fi we like to access in public places, and that coffee we buy every morning, which we rely on for our morning kicks. Ah, it’s the little things eh?

Without knowing, many of these daily things have become a central part of our existence, with each holding importance in its own way.

Our fashion choices also evolve in this way, with decisions made based on comfort and convenience and often not given much thought – a routine. Lets take jeans for instance. The majority of males see this as a staple of their wardrobe, and really, it’s not given much thought, you’ll pull them on and match them with the rest of your outfit and voila, job done.

The T-Shirt has slowly become a part of this routine, and sadly it has become something we take for granted. The faithful tee. Our wardrobes are full of them, with most being old and worn to death, but who cares – you can’t go wrong with a tee right?



Over the years T-shirts have become the main staple piece in men’s wardrobes for a number of reasons; they are very versatile, easy to wear – yet often not worn to their full potential. Recently, a new wave of tee has caught the eye of fashionable folk, and it is now ready to inject some life into wardrobes around the world: the extended length t-shirt.

You’re skeptical, I can tell, but you have to PAUSE and trust us. After all, if it’s good enough for the likes of Kanye, its good enough for us, yeah?


Designers are slowly warming to the concept of the long length tee and we’ll be the first to tell you – it’s set to be a hit this Spring/Summer ’14.


The extended-length T-shirt is set to revolutionise the way we view our humble tee. One day we shall wake seeking cleaner cut lines and edgier alternatives, something which British brand AQ/AQ & ADYN both have to offer with their new SS14 t-shirt collections.

Offering that alternative to your everyday t-shirt, available in classic whites, black and grey.

longtee1 longtee2
AQ5A1669_c19b918d-338b-4933-9301-16d52d2d81b8_1024x1024  AQ5A1674_1024x1024

When styling this tee, don’t stress. Since your silhouette instantly frames differently, it’s best to opt for a skinnier pair of Jeans or Trousers – for balance, and in the summer you could even wear it with a pair of relaxed-fitted shorts. It’s really that easy!

Just remember, these tees are all about the shape, y’know when they say bigger the better? Well, the same applies to longer – go long or go home.

Words: Ursula Doorga

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