10.DEEP Spring 2014 – Victory Capsule Collection

By March 24, 2014Fashion News

Established in 1995, this NYC street wear brand’s new ‘Victory Capsule’ lookbook speaks volumes in alliance with their motto: “Forget everyone and listen to yourself” – this collection is all about being driven and reaching for triumph.

With references to sporting victory throughout, the collection beams success. Hints to the Olympic ring symbol are embossed on the back of garments and the colours used mimic those of the American and Japanese flag. We also see the ‘rising sun’ graphics displayed in conjunction with the Japanese flag, as well as the American stars and stripes which aid in maintaining a patriotic atmosphere.

The collection stages sportswear from waterproof two piece tracksuits and light jersey basketball shorts, to long-sleeved cotton tops. We see snapbacks with the brand’s birth year ‘1995’ displayed – giving the collection a vintage quality. One key outfit we love at PAUSE is 10. DEEP’s navy and white star print fleece shorts with its matching hooded jumper.

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VCTRYs14-006 VCTRYs14-009 VCTRYs14-008 VCTRYs14-007

The collection is scheduled to launch in April 2014.

Words: Charlotte Brown

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