Gourmet Spring 14′ Campaign Featuring the ATL Twins

By March 6, 2014Fashion News

Luxury Italian-American style footwear brand Gourmet Have released a short film shot by Kai Regan featuring the ATL twins mindless trip to go along side the Spring 14′ lookbook.

gourmet-spring-2014-campaign-featuring-atl-twins-01-960x640 gourmet-spring-2014-campaign-featuring-atl-twins-02-960x640 gourmet-spring-2014-campaign-featuring-atl-twins-03-960x640 gourmet-spring-2014-campaign-featuring-atl-twins-04-960x640 gourmet-spring-2014-campaign-featuring-atl-twins-05-960x640
gourmet-spring-2014-campaign-featuring-atl-twins-06-960x640 gourmet-spring-2014-campaign-featuring-atl-twins-08-960x640

See the video here:

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