Modla x Damilola Odusote Nike Air Force 1 3D Printed Sculpture

3D printing is the latest innovation everyone’s talking about, and it seems as time goes on its uses are multiple.


Recently, approved design studio Modla joined forces with London-based artist Damilola Odusote to produce a 3D sculpture. The pair took their inspiration from the iconic Nike Air Force 1 trainer.


The initial 2D illustration was drawn as though the shoe was some kind of island or place to live. The objects coming from the main shoe echo influences you may associate with the Nike brand, like music.

Collaborating with 3D printing designer and owner of Modla design studio Jon Fidler, the three-dimensional piece was printed using white SLS nylon plastic, using a process that took a total of 15 hours to complete.

Although the piece includes no colour, the intricate detail is a great way to show the capabilities of 3D printing as an art form, and mirrors the success of the simple Air Force 1 design it was inspired by.

Modla-x-Damilola-Odusote-Nike-Air-Force-1-3D-02 Modla-x-Damilola-Odusote-Nike-Air-Force-1-3D-03 Modla-x-Damilola-Odusote-Nike-Air-Force-1-3D-07 Modla-x-Damilola-Odusote-Nike-Air-Force-1-3D-08

Words: Katie Walton

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