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By April 19, 2014Fashion News

Let’s travel back in time and return to Arholma, an island in Stockholms archipelago, with stormy weather and a granddad fishing, writing poems and managing the grand theatre in Stockholm. This is about his raincoat, it’s craftsmanship, material and details which was brought back to life honoring it’s classical cut.

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The first 200 coats – Arholma Svart – were made and sold in Alexander Stutterheims apartment but after a couple of months, when the neighbours became suspicious of all the people in black coats, Alexander Stutterheim moved into a new workspace. Here he continued his experiments of rain and darkness producing new ideas and raincoats, now known as The Stutterheim Raincoats. It is both about being well dressed in bad weather and giving new life to granddad’s old coat.

You will find no Gore-Tex, no Velcro no mass production or (finally) any straps or strings stealing attention from design. The Arholma is one of our Stutterheim favorites here at PAUSE and to define it as a “art version” of the traditional raincoat might be very well deserved. The fact alone that it is a 100% wind and water proof raincoat worn by generations of Swedish fishermen was enough to caught our attention.

Today we find several styles such as Infernos & Beppe, Arvid & Lydia, Stockholm and Öland. You will find colors to match your wardrobe, mood and weather: Arholma black, Inferno red, Beppe Camo, Stockholm orange, Grass green, Burgundy and many more.

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Words: Anna Ahren

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