4 Ways to look Dapper at a Wedding

When it comes to your friend’s wedding, and any wedding for that matter, the options can seem a little narrowing. Shirt, jacket, tie, like the stereotypical repetitive wedding buffet, you have approximately five options and you’ve exhausted them all.
tumblr_n4ji28tcbM1qb3rrlo1_500But forget the standard suit and tie affair! There are so many different looks you can opt for this summer that are stylish yet durable.

You might in over your head helping your best friend plan his wedding (you do know there are free tools like Wedding site directory to help you along the way right?) but you can still find the time to look your best…


Midnight Blue
Every fashion-conscious male should have a midnight tuxedo hanging in their closet, and if you don’t? This is the perfect opportunity to invest! Kevin Spacey looked amazing in his at this year’s Oscars (unsurprisingly, that man could wear a bin bag and we’d applaud) as well as Christophe Waltz a couple of years ago. Whether it’s crushed velvet or smooth linens, team your midnight blue tuxedo with a crisp white shirt and patterned bow tie complete with handkerchief. For footwear, black brogues could work but for perfection; cream brogues.


A Change of Shirt
On a tight budget? We hear ya. To update that tired looking tux, simply change the shirt and matching accessories. You will be surprised what difference it makes. During the spring and summer, embrace the good vibes and opt for a pale yellow or pink shirt. Grey and khaki green also makes the cut. A colour too bold will be overpowering, but any pale hue will look striking. And it doesn’t start and stop with plain shirts. This summer, we will see lots of amazing prints. An off-white and burgundy paisley print would be bang on trend, and have longevity post-wedding too.


Again, this is one for those trying to look after the pennies. Since many weddings are international affairs now, you’re going to need to save for flights, accommodation and who knows what else. Rather than splashing out on a whole new tuxedo when yours just needs a little dusting off, focus on the accessories. From revamping the handkerchief to a fresh new pair of loafers, these little extras will refresh your entire look. For spring, heading into summer, it’s out with the patent brogues and in with suede loafers. They are everywhere. From tassels to gentlemen slippers, the black lace-up will be banished to the back of the wardrobe until further notice.


The final touches
Whether you decide to go for the classic black tuxedo or plunge into the deep end with a pastel shade, one thing is for certain; you need to get groomed. Pun intended. We’re not saying shave off the beard, but taming the monobrow and getting a haircut are advised. You’ve spent a bit of cash on the suit, why let it go to waste on sloppy presentation. One tip; book the barbers a week in advance just in case the stylist gets a little scissor happy…




For women, it’s a relatively easy task finding something amazing but we need to put in the legwork. Weddings aren’t just black tie affairs anymore, so as soon as the invite drops through your letterbox, get planning! Not only will you look dapper on the day, but pick well, and you will have some key investment pieces for years to come.

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Words: Sue Williams

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