Instagrammer Of The Week: @GodMadeMeSexi


What made you start your Instagram?
It was still an upcoming app that a few people who I worked with had showed me and I also wanted something new aside from Facebook.

You also have a blog called Cantstyle, did this stem from how popular is your instagram was getting?
Cantstyle was started before Instagram was thought of, but it’s basically an oxymoron for what I do for a living, which is luxury wardrobe styling.
How important is your Instagram to you? 

Instagram is a minor part of my life, I show what I want people to know and see. I do love the fact that I inspire people with my personal style and quotes though.

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Do you prefer blogging or posting photos on Instagram? Why?
I prefer to blog because I’m able to tell a story with my look, also answer many questions that I receive which normally is “What am I wearing” or “Where can I buy this item”. Instagram is just an easier way to get the look out to my followers.
Why do you think your Instagram is so popular?

 I’m consistent when it comes to posting about fashion, it truly is a passion of mine and I think my followers see that when they visit my page.

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Who would you say is your biggest fashion inspiration? 
It’s a mixture of Anna Dello Russo’s avant-garde street grade style and presence and how simplistic Kanye West’ signature looks.
What has been your favorite look that you’ve worn? 
My favorite look has to between the cholo inspired look I did this year with the ombré flannel and distressed denim and when I wore the suit with floral pants.
What differentiates your style from everyone else’s?  

I’m not afraid to look different and stand out. I don’t stick to just trends, I feel my outfits evoke my mood at the time and tells a story. When I’m feeling dark, I dress edgy, when I want to dress dapper, I put on a suit. It varies day by day.


What piece of fashion advice would you give to your followers? 

Stay true to yourself and have fun with fashion.


Check out his blog, follow him on Twitter and view his Instagram  page here.

Interview by: Ernela Vukaj

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