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Exclusive Interview: PAUSE Meets MDV Style


MDV Style isn’t just an international fashion blogger. He has also grown into one of the most inspiring bloggers in fashion today, with over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and thousands of page views. Mariano Di Vaio has built his influential blog into a success that has capitalized the generation of men’s fashion. PAUSE caught up with Mariano to discuss style, blogging and his thoughts on men’s fashion.


Has style always been important to you or is it a passion that has developed over time? 
It is a passion that started from 0 and is now my biggest one as well as my daily job!

How would you sum up your individual approach to fashion?
To me fashion is the way I feel about clothes. Of course I follow other people’s style and get inspiration, however if I like something but I don’t feel comfortable in it, I’m not going to wear it!

What would your advice be to someone wanting to undergo a complete style makeover?
I’d suggest to him the same thing. Find something that you like but most importantly something that you feel good in! Something that makes you feel stronger when you are wearing it!
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Having recently seen a rapid increase in popularity, how do you see the power of the fashion blogger evolving?
From a personal point of view, it’s just what I do everyday! So I try to use every possible opportunity where my blog could serve me, as long as it matches with my style and style ideals.

Do you have a preference between modelling or blogging? 
For most people they are completely different things, but to me they are the same. One connects to and is part of the other and if you follow my blog you’ll see that.

What inspired you to have a section dedicated to children’s style?
Ahhh that’s funny! I’ve always loved children. Particularly when they are well dressed, they are just the cutest things ever. So I decided to incorporate that.


“It Is a passion that started from 0 and is now my biggest one as well as my daily job!”


Do you think that style is something that comes naturally or can it be taught and learnt?
Some have it naturally, but others can easily learn to replicate that.

Why do you think menswear in particular has seen a more fearless approach develop over recent years?
The women’s side is of course bigger and stronger, and they can try crazier things. It takes companies longer to take risks on the men’s side because the market is less strong. However I’ve recently seen far more brands following more statement trends (that are often decided by bloggers) far more easily, and I’m really happy about it.

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Interviewer: Matthew Ward

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