‘Elle’ Magazine Cover With Pharrell Causes Controversy


Pharrell has sparked a group of complaints from people offended by his attire in his Elle Magazine cover shoot.

As you can see above, he wore a Native American headdress – keeping with the tradition of him wearing controversial head wear. But this time, he has come under criticism for offending a prominent group of people, sparking the hashtag #NOThappy on Twitter, rather than just wearing weird Vivienne Westwood hats.

Historically, the Native American headdress carries many intrinsic cultural narratives, deeply embedded into special spiritual ceremonies within Native American tribes; it is argued that he is promoting cultural ‘stereotyping’ through him wearing it as an accessory – a problem that has been within the industry for years. This follows the complaints had my H&M and Victoria’s Secret after they features similar headwear in previous campaigns.

Pharrell responded with a statement that reads:  “I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture. I am genuinely sorry.”

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Words: Abdullah Ali Jawad

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