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g2ivenchy-menswear-rose-and-checked-combo-t-shirt-grunge-street-fashion-lookbook-férfidivat-outfit-smizedivat-divatblogger (7)

How would you describe your personal style?
Bohemian, crazy, creative and plucky. That’s who I am.

01lookaFEHÉRHow do you think menswear is changing?
It’s difficult to make huge changes in men’s fashion, but thanks to the creative, innovative ideas of the designers fashion renew year by year. This way special shapes, uncommon patterns and combinations appear in our closet.

What is your favourite outfit that you’ve worn or blogged about?

Absolutely my favourite outfit is my ‘Givenchy’ look. I really love layering style and the printed T-shirts and sweaters. This outfit on my blog here.

givenchy-menswear-rose-and-checked-combo-t-shirt-grunge-street-fashion-lookbook-férfidivat-outfit-smizedivat-divatblogger (4)

givenchy-menswear-rose-and-checked-combo-t-shirt-grunge-street-fashion-lookbook-férfidivat-outfit-smizedivat-divatblogger (7)
Your personal favourites for Spring/Summer 2014?
My all time favourite pieces are the long shaped t-shirt, sweaters tunic mixes with the ’90s layering style. And of course legging-shorts combination.

Has your style blog taken you anywhere interesting?
Couple months ago I visited Moscow, it was a big opportunity and a great experience. And before that I traveled to London to a very special fashion show. I have some serious plans for summer, I’m gonna spend a week in Monaco.

Your proudest moment of your fashion career?
Luckily there are many things I can be proud of. Like my trip to London Fashion Week last year, where someone took a photo of me and this photo appeared in one of the most famous online fashion magazine as best dressed men.
Where do you think your blog is going to take you in the future?
I hope my blog is gonna be more successful and my dreams come true.



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Interview by: Abdullah Ali Jawad

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