LCM: E.TAUTZ SS15 Collection

The designer behind E.TAUTZ, Patrick Grant, one of my personal favourites, has mixed his Savile Row expertise with contemporary and progressive fashion to create his SS15 collection. The collection is his own take on relaxed Brits on the beach, but it is, as it should be, a rainproof collection.

Grant describes how “We love going to the sea even though the weather is awful. There’s an oddity to these people, and something bittersweet about them” – and this is who he used for his inspiration.

The collection itself is full of larger silhouettes with baggy denim, a fabric that depicts, what he sees, as ‘the working class British man’. The stripes are reminiscent of patterns on deck chairs and the collection as a whole has a flamboyant masculinity to it.

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