LCM: MOSCHINO SS15 Collection

Moschino by Jeremy Scott is easily one of the collections everyone is most excited about at LC:M.  The array of guests and models for the show had bigged it up to be one of the biggest this season in London and it there was absolutely no disappointment. His AW14 womenswear collection, inspired by (arguably) McDonalds, was subject to crazy hype and reviews immediately after. Scott has a way to turn typical pop culture completely on its head, so expectations were high for his collection at LC:M.

His SS15 collection was excellent to say the least. The collection contains the signature Jeremy Scott take on pop art and prints. Starting with full suits in the eclectic print with a bomber and an overcoat as well. He uses a variety of different sources for inspiration, such as designs of soft drinks to pop-art takes on flags, he uses these as a outfit-covering print fitting in with the trend of all-over print outfits. He continues with a bright yellow classic tails and trousers with peak black lapels and then a personal favourite of mine, a black on black outfit with an MA-1 Bomber Jacket with the signature MOSCHINO logo. The rest contains a lot of mesh and washed blue denim. They have a new black and gold all over minimal print which they use to cover a variety of outfits.

All in all, this is what we expected from Jeremy Scott, with certain pieces from this collection being perfect statement pieces in any outfit. We are excited for this to drop.

YVL_4367.450x675 YVL_4402.450x675 YVL_4387.450x675 YVL_4375.450x675YVL_4413.450x675 YVL_4442.450x675 YVL_4431.450x675 YVL_4425.450x675YVL_4454.450x675 YVL_4510.450x675 YVL_4494.450x675 YVL_4479.450x675 YVL_4462.450x675YVL_4519.450x675 YVL_4577.450x675 YVL_4561.450x675 YVL_4550.450x675 YVL_4538.450x675YVL_4590.450x675 YVL_4652.450x675 YVL_4631.450x675 YVL_4617.450x675 YVL_4604.450x675YVL_4664.450x675 YVL_4716.450x675 YVL_4701.450x675 YVL_4689.450x675 YVL_4671.450x675YVL_4730.450x675 YVL_4791.450x675 YVL_4777.450x675 YVL_4757.450x675 YVL_4743.450x675YVL_4805.450x675 YVL_4867.450x675 YVL_4854.450x675 YVL_4835.450x675 YVL_4816.450x675YVL_4880.450x675 YVL_4956.450x675 YVL_4932.450x675 YVL_4911.450x675 YVL_4894.450x675YVL_5037.450x675 YVL_5018.450x675 YVL_4999.450x675 YVL_4985.450x675 YVL_4970.450x675YVL_5051.450x675 YVL_5109.450x675 YVL_5093.450x675 YVL_5070.450x675 YVL_5063.450x675YVL_5133.450x675Words: Abdullah Ali Jawad

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