MR PORTER: The First Third Party Retailer of GOOGLE GLASS

By June 4, 2014Gadgets


Google’s revolutionary contribution to the wearable technology movement has been gathering a lot of stream recently. Last month they announced that, for a brief period, anyone could buy the beta version of the Google Glass project from them directly at the price-point of $1,500. In an attempt to make the glasses look less outwardly ‘geeky’ they have collaborated with Diane von Furstenberg’s studio to design some ‘chic’ Google Glasses, however these will mainly be stocked for women and distributed through MR PORTER‘s womens-wear retailer, NET A PORTER.

Check out the Google Glass website for a rundown on what this step forward in wearable technology is capable of.

Google have teamed up with MR PORTER to distribute their glasses to a more fashionable market – to give the product a less ‘nerdy’ aesthetic. We are, however, currently unsure of the price-point that the glasses are going to be at, but will keep you updated when we find out.

They are going to release these to the public on the 23rd June, with three titanium and sunglasses frames.

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Words: Abdullah Ali Jawad

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