Stussy SS14 ‘Inglan is a Bitch’ Editorial

By June 11, 2014Fashion News

The street-wear staple that is Stussy have just released the editorial for their Spring/Summer 2014 collection, entitled: ‘Inglan is a Bitch’. The editorial showcases their great SS14 collection in a very casual environment, contrasting from the conceptual backgrounds that fashion campaigns tend to be set in. The title is probably taken from Linton Kwesi Johnson’s 1980 spoken work piece of the same name, which examines how ‘Inglan is a bitch, there’s no escapin’ it’ – the themes of unemployment, boredom.

See the editorial below.

stussy-spring-2014-inglan-is-a-bitch-editorial-01-960x640stussy-spring-2014-inglan-is-a-bitch-editorial-02-960x640 stussy-spring-2014-inglan-is-a-bitch-editorial-05-960x640 stussy-spring-2014-inglan-is-a-bitch-editorial-04-960x640 stussy-spring-2014-inglan-is-a-bitch-editorial-03-960x640stussy-spring-2014-inglan-is-a-bitch-editorial-06-960x640 stussy-spring-2014-inglan-is-a-bitch-editorial-09-960x640 stussy-spring-2014-inglan-is-a-bitch-editorial-08-960x640 stussy-spring-2014-inglan-is-a-bitch-editorial-07-960x640stussy-spring-2014-inglan-is-a-bitch-editorial-10-960x640


Words: Abdullah Ali Jawad

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