boohooMAN Presents: Dressing like a Modern Mod

By July 14, 2014Fashion News

There’s nothing better than hanging out in the beach, living the freedom and of course, classically dressed for the moment. British summer is finally here and if you’re not heading out of the UK why not head down to Brighton or Southend to enjoy your English holiday. As the weather can be unpredictable, boohooMAN introduces some key Mod pieces that will flow with your summer styles.

Dressing into the Mod Man of today takes functional utility and sharp tailoring which rewinds your style back to the sixties. With coats and jackets dominating this trend along with parkas, pea coats, bikers and teddy bear furs being key pieces. The overall aim to master the look of the Mod man, today, requires a clean silhouette and oversized soft fabrics which will bring you up-to-date.

boohoo have produced a lookbook below which takes inspiration from Quadrophenia, sixties Carnaby Street and channels London’s favourite Mod men; Paul Weller and Liam Gallagher.

Go to boohoo to view their classic sixties essentials to master the Mod look of today.

27514_MENSWEAR_GR_0440 27514_MENSWEAR_GR_2258 27514_MENSWEAR_GR_2137 27514_MENSWEAR_GR_2115
27514_MENSWEAR_GR_2263 27514_MENSWEAR_GR_2540 27514_MENSWEAR_GR_2471 27514_MENSWEAR_GR_2306
27514_MENSWEAR_GR_2621  27514_MENSWEAR_GR_265227514_MENSWEAR_GR_2697

See below to shop Mod inspired items at boohooMAN:

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